Hello and welcome to Fur Kid photography.  I am Dona the people-friendly pet photographer.  If you’ve landed here in search of family portraits or a business headshot, we’ve got you covered.  Feel free to check out “Subjects Without Fur” Gallery and give us a call to discuss your needs.  For wedding photography we are happy to give you a great referral.

 If you’re here because you’ve been thinking about having photographs taken of your pet, then firstly, let me say this…”No, you have not lost your mind”.  And “Yes, it’s perfectly normal to want professional photos of your pet”.   

Through years of veterinary nursing, as well as my work as a pet photographer, I have had the delightful opportunity to meet animals and people from all walks of life.  My work has allowed me to witness the relationships between humans and their companion animals, with both pet and owner thriving in a unique, human-animal bond. 

From purebreds to mutts; from the rich to the poor; regardless of age, health or gender; The happiness and joy experienced is genuine and deep to all whose lives have been touched by a special pet.  One thing holds true, and that is that we want this friend to stay forever. 

I produce my portraits to celebrate the pet’s place in the home and heart.  I find great pleasure in creating a lasting memory of these special family members that bring such joy and comfort to our lives.   

My goal is to capture your pet's spirit and character, and to present them in works of art to be cherished and enjoyed throughout the years. Fur Kid sessions and services truly offer a one-of-a-kind experience, from initial contact, through your custom shoot, studio consult, and finally the delivery of your precious memories.